Efile4biz Software

Web Design

Worked in the team who lead the redesign of efile4biz.  Within the AGILE methodology we made improvements to the software based on user feedback. I created the wireframes, UI design, and created prototypes using HTML/CSS/JS and UXPin.




User Experience



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The Problem

In previous versions of the software, customer support was flooded with calls during tax season. Most of the problems originated from users not finding how to upload their files for submitting.

Desired Outcome

The redesign of the software was aimed to lower the amount of calls the representatives had to answer and created an overall more intuitive user experience. The challenge was to create this new smoother experience without changing the user interface.


By streamlining the upload process, we were able to reduce user frustration. The design I created made it easy to understand what steps to take and where in the process the user was.